About Subtitle

We the cast and crew of the web series Stunted have had such a phenomenal  time creating and developing Stunted.

The Stunted team willed a six episode first season into existence with no budget and the generosity of friends, family, strangers donating their time, talent, and equipment. Although we did a pretty great job, imagine what we could—the episodes we could create, the stories we could tell, the locations we could utilize, the Easter Eggs and Character recalls we could infuse—with your financial support.  

We want to enter festivals and connect with distributors so that the story of Stunted has a greater reach. Additionally we need money for equipment and cast & crew expenses in order to continue telling this story.

We’d like to raise $25,000 to create season 2 as well as edit & advertise the end of Season 1.  Please support us as young creatives telling the story of our time and the story of ourselves and having fun doing it.